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The Thyroidless Life

Jan 8, 2024

Alright friends, let's TALK. These are the things we have to get taken care of and NOT let happen anymore in 2024. I have helped hundreds of women throughout the years and I identify these common things to be the foundational things that can make or break how you are able to heal and function well when it comes to your hormones. It's simple when I talk about it but it takes commitment and empowerment to know you can get these things done and done the right way! We talk about:

  • LABS! And the critical need for complete thyroid lab panels and why settling for less can hinder healing
  • The significance of thyroid antibodies and what their presence indicates about immune system health
  • When to test and how to test sex hormones correctly
  • The complete wellness panel and why it's important
  • Our current healthcare system and the needs we have for thyroid and sex hormones
  • The role of nutrition in healing and why restrictive diets may not be the long-term answer
  • Why food is NOT medicine
  • And strategies for empowering oneself to demand the care and attention deserved from healthcare providers.



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