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The Thyroidless Life

Dec 20, 2022

Ladies, you do not want to miss this episode! This will be one of the best introductions to understanding your hormones and the importance of working WITH Your hormones,

In this episode of The Thyroidless Life podcast, I interview Dr. Mindy Pelz, a renowned Doctor of Chiropractic and Fasting expert. Dr. Mindy is on a mission to educate women about their bodies, and she provides so much insight in this interview with her research-backed understanding of female hormones, beneficial fasting, and how to reset your health!

In this episode we will be discussing:  

  1. How the body heals itself when fasting 
  2. Why women should fast, eat, & exercise according to our hormonal cycles
  3. The benefits of following a fasting cycle to get the best results- a fast and feasting cycle. 
  4. How to fast if you are not cycling
  5. A woman’s cycle also has different phases of energy.
  6. Your thyroid, endocrine system, & fasting



 Pre-order Dr. Mindy Pelz’s book, Fast Like a Girl, which officially comes out Dec 27! It’s already the #1 bestseller on thyroid conditions on Amazon.



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