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The Thyroidless Life

Feb 9, 2024

In this eye-opening episode of The Thyroidless Life, Dr. Rebecca Warren delves into the often overlooked, yet essential role of iron and ferritin in thyroid health. Whether you're living without a thyroid or struggling with thyroid imbalances, understanding your iron levels is pivotal. Dr. Warren’s personal journey with thyroid cancer and her dedication to sharing her knowledge sets the stage for a transformative discussion on how these key nutrients impact your well-being and thyroid function. This episode covers:

- The crucial relationship between iron, ferritin, and thyroid hormones, and how deficiencies can mimic hypothyroid symptoms
- The impact of iron on the conversion of T4 to T3, and its role in thyroid hormone production and transport
- Common causes of iron deficiency and how they relate to thyroid health
- Practical strategies for testing and optimizing iron levels, including dietary adjustments and supplementation
- The importance of a complete wellness panel and why thyroid labs alone aren't enough


Dr. Warren also provides actionable advice on how to address iron deficiency, the significance of protein intake, and the best forms of iron supplementation. Plus, learn the optimal lab values for iron, TIBC, percent saturation, and ferritin, and how to interpret these numbers in the context of your thyroid health.


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